Ralf Globisch - 2010-01-07

There are three ways to get the video processing project DirectShow filters:
1) Download and use the setup.msi installer
2) Download individual DirectShow filters
3) Get the source and compile it yourself (Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 solutions are available)

Just a quick note about downloading individual DirectShow filters: these need to be registered using the regsvr32 utility.
Once registered, the filters are available in Graphedit under the DirectShow category. Filter names all begin with the "CSIR" prefix.

If an error occurs during registration, this is usually due to one of the following reasons:
- Missing administrator rights
- Missing CRT

The current releases of the DirectShow filters have been compiled with Visual Studio 2008. The VC2008 c runtimes are availble from microsoft.

If you use the Setup.msi installer, it takes care of filter registration for you.

Please let us know if you encounter any errors/bugs.