All video formats except iTunes greyed out

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  • artdog

    artdog - 2009-04-06

    I am running videomonkey 0.2 in Leopard 10.5.6 on a unibody macbook pro with 4gb of RAM.

    No matter what format of video I load into videomonkey, only the video formats in the iTunes section are selectable. All others are grayed out.

    • JD Nafz

      JD Nafz - 2009-04-06

      Yes i have the same problem. Only the itunes section is accessible. its a bit frustrating.

      • Chris Marrin

        Chris Marrin - 2009-04-06

        Please let me know which formats you're interested in

        • Casey ODonnell

          Casey ODonnell - 2009-04-15

          I used to use VisualHub for converting movies for the PSP, so that is one of my favorites. If you could point me (us) to some samples of where the scripting is being done to generate movies, we might be able to help and contribute. So if you don't have a particular device we can at least get first passes done for you.

          Just a thought.

    • Chris Marrin

      Chris Marrin - 2009-04-06

      Right, none of the other formats are implemented yet. What output formats are you interested in? I plan to do XBox 360 very soon, since it seems like the next most popular

    • JD Nafz

      JD Nafz - 2009-04-06

      I could use a simple .avi I can work around using .avi but its easier with it. It would be helpful. though 360 too. Either would be appreciated.

    • theranmage

      theranmage - 2009-04-07

      I'm very very interested in getting the generic formats. I've been looking for a converter for wmv specifically but also for the other formats and I really love this interface.

      btw, thank you SO much for this app, it is amazingness beyond compare!

    • Eric Hoch

      Eric Hoch - 2009-04-07

      I'd like to see Flash enabled. I know that you can use H264 mp4 since most of the flash player plugins are capable of decoding it but for one important project I need pure flash flv, non H264, videos.

      For the moment converting to apple devices works as expected and it's nice to have an open source de facto succesor.

      • Ross

        Ross - 2009-04-11

        I'd like to throw my 2 cents out there for a flash conversion option...

    • Ross

      Ross - 2009-04-11

      OK - so it would actually be really cool if you could have it download & convert the flash video direct from the website it's displayed/embedded in...

      I know that complicates things immensely but still, it'd be cool!

      • Bryson Steadman

        Bryson Steadman - 2009-04-14

        @rburck: Have you cheked out the FireFox extension called 'DownloadManager.'  It modifies websites like YouTube to have a download icon next to the video title and the newest version appears to have auto-transcode as an option as well.

        @cmarrin: It's good to see someone pick this up, it was sad when VisualHub died :_( 
        Xbox 360 would be fantastic, just because that device is so darn picky, but remember that lots of us have nice big (8-16GB) Blu-Ray rips that we want to stream to the 360, so an option to break videos up into 4GB chunks automatically will be necessary! 

        Thank you so much for picking up this project, we'll all be watching closely!

    • oolfanska

      oolfanska - 2009-04-12

      I'm trying to create Video_TS folders & subfiles (.vob etc) to burn to DVD, so that conversion format would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Colin Mckellar

      Colin Mckellar - 2009-04-27

      I am interested in encoding to DVD.

      I only came across Visual Hub after it closed, but quickly fell in love with it. I am very excited about this project. Are there any plans for letting people view/edit the arguments being passed to ffmpeg?

    • John Collis

      John Collis - 2009-04-28

      I'd be interested in the generic file formats, i.e. particularly AVI if it can be XviD and DivX compatible (i.e. early DivX 3) so that hardware devices that only know about the earlier formats can play properly.  (This was something that VisualHub struggled with anyway.) Using the AVI xvid option on Handbrake gets this right, however I much prefer the Drag'nDrop style of batch conversion that Video Monkey offers.

    • subzerohk

      subzerohk - 2009-05-05

      Would really really like to see a high quality option to transcode .mts files from and AVCHD camera. This is something so many people on Mac i'm sure would welcome. Right now the options for such conversion are limited and take forever.

      Great to see someone taking up where visualhub left. Interface looks great, now if only all the options weren't greyed out ;-)

      Great job.

      • Chris Marrin

        Chris Marrin - 2009-05-05

        That pretty specialized. If you have the skills, it would be great if you could try to hack that into the commands.xml file

    • kiermel

      kiermel - 2009-07-25

      I am interested in encoding to Xvid or Divx. Please!
      My multimedia HDD don't play Apple formats!

    • Tamika

      Tamika - 2009-08-17

      As much as I would love for the whole world to move to a mac environment, many of the people I share videos with require WMV. I've been a huge fan of Visual Hub, and it would be great if Video Monkey had this capability as well! Thanks for developing such a great product!

    • Ed M

      Ed M - 2009-08-20

      I vote for flash conversion

    • Vincent Gabriel  Antonini

      i just want to make DVd out of video stored on my mac in various formats
      I also want to convert home madeDVD into .mov, mp4, etc...
      I am also a former hub user
      I love this new app i just need more options

      • Chris Marrin

        Chris Marrin - 2009-08-22

        None of this is implemented yet. I will soon start working on other formats and DVD conversion

    • Sean

      Sean - 2009-08-25

      I'll throw in my vote for Xbox 360 support, with the condition that the created file is in one of the formats that support 5.1 audio.  There are already a bazillion programs out there that will do a good conversion with stereo audio, but nothing that does 5.1.

    • Richard A. Milewski

      Add my vote for WII, and whichever format the video experts here think would work best with pyTiVoX. (AVI, MP4?). The native TiVo formats seem to result in huge files with very little incremental benefit.

    • Trevor Reaveley

      Trevor Reaveley - 2009-09-02

      I'm for the DVD option. But must chip in with all the best to Chris for resurrecting what was an excellent conversion tool.

  • Dru Kepple

    Dru Kepple - 2009-09-21

    I'm voting for WMV; there are no good tools, free or otherwise, for converting to WMV other than Flip4Mac.  I may be an odd duck on this forum is that I have Apple's Compressor and Adobe's Media Encoder, so I'm good for most formats.  But WMV is a missing export format.  For the occasional transcode I need to perform, either from or to WMV, I'd just as soon not shell out even more cash for Flip4Mac.

    Thanks for resurrecting Visual Hub!  Much appreciated.

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