Issue with Metadata search - Want to help fix

  • Daniel E. White

    Daniel E. White - 2010-10-06

    I found something in the metadata search that I think is a problem that I want to help fix.
    If the show name has any punctuation, it is stripped and replaced by spaces and that messes up the query to tvdb

    Example: try "Grey's Anatomy"  It won't work.  And dont even get me starteed about "$#*! My Dad Says"  :)

    I found the particular source code that I want to change, but I want to coordinate with you on it.
    I tried contacting you directly, but got no response.
    You are responding to other folks here, si I am trying again to contact you.


  • Chris Marrin

    Chris Marrin - 2010-10-06

    Sorry. I did respond, but your email bounced. This is a better way to communicate anyway, so thanks for the post.

    Right, the technique I use to ensure valid URL characters is to replace any non-ascii character with a space. And I can imagine this wreaking havoc with some of the shows you mentioned.

    Assuming you can checkout the source from the svn repo, build, make changes etc., then when you have a fix you want to submit simply create a patch by doing 'svn diff' and saving the result to a file. The best way to submit the patch is to open a bug in the tracker and attach it to there. I will look at it and if it seems good, I will include it in the source.

    Thanks. I really appreciate the help!

  • Daniel E. White

    Daniel E. White - 2010-10-06

    Weird.  My accountr settings look good.  Oh well.  I have made contact.

    I plan to tinker with the tvdb API a bit to see what it will accept before deciding which way to jump.


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