Date-based metadata lookups

  • Chris Duffy

    Chris Duffy - 2010-07-05

    Tonight I was encoding a show that airs daily (recorded from my HDHR) - and so I put the date in the file name. Apparently dates don't work for metadata lookups, so no data was found (except that about the show in general, not the specific episode).

    The show was The Colbert Report, 2010.07.01 (which, after a manual lookup, is Season 6, Episode 87)

  • Enrique Ballarin

    I checked the source code and the metadata search does not work with the date of the episode. The correct syntax to metadata search is: filename, filename sNumbereNumber  (like  The Colbert Report s6e87) or filename NumberxNumber (like The Colbert Report 6x87). Try this.
    Best regards


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