Long Description tags for Tv Shows

  • Linnytoons

    Linnytoons - 2009-09-07

    It Only seems to do this if it encodes. You cannot just tag a TV show and have the long description tag show up. Is this correct?

    • Chris Marrin

      Chris Marrin - 2009-09-07

      I only write the short description because that's what Apple TV looks at. I could write both or let you choose, but I'm not sure it's that useful, is it?

    • Linnytoons

      Linnytoons - 2009-09-08

      The only way for my apple tv to see the description is if I use a script to edit long description. This is in write metadata to inputfile only that apple tv does not see description but when it encodes the description shows up. I'm pretty sure apple tv only sees long description. I use itunes show description tag.

      • Chris Marrin

        Chris Marrin - 2009-09-08

        Do you have a stock Apple TV? I use VM to encode video all the time and the written description shows on Apple TV just fine.

  • AndyTheFiredog

    AndyTheFiredog - 2010-10-05

    Maybe the problem I'm having is somehow related? I encod TV shows from .avi to .mp4 for my AppleTV. So far, I've done at least 400 episodes of various shows, tagging them all with VideoMonkey. Every season I import into iTunes, it seems all but one or two have the descriptions missing. Everything thing else is always displayed fine in iTunes, but the descriptions….almost always missing.

    My only recourse is to go to thetvdb and copy/paste them in myself, for every episode.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL app I'm finding more powerful everyday!

  • Chris Marrin

    Chris Marrin - 2010-10-05

    Are you saying that you put the description into the Description field of the Metadata window, encode with Video Monkey, add the result to iTunes and the description is gone? Sounds unlikely since this is what I do all the time and have never seen any issue at all. Or are you using some other technique? You're not putting anything in the Comments field, are you?

    If so, please open the Console and cut&paste the results (especially the part that shows the AtomicParsley command line).

  • AndyTheFiredog

    AndyTheFiredog - 2010-10-05

    No, I don't enter anything manually, except the show title. VM searches tvdb and finds all the info, including descriptions. There are no previous metadata fields for the files since they,re avi's. I run through every file in the season I'm doing and verify the info's still there, then I hit Start. The files encode fine, the icons of all the files change to the art work I've chosen (usually the same image for all the files in a show) when they're finished as mp4., I change the extension to .m4v (can't be this though, verified because some files that have the descriptions are m4v, others are mp4), then I copy to my USB HDD and import into the right PC.

    Only thing I can think of is that I'm converting on Mac and importing into windows, but the first show I did, I did with metaX (a pain) and they all the descriptions for every episode showed fine.

  • Chris Marrin

    Chris Marrin - 2010-10-06

    You enter the show title in the Metadata search field? And the Description field is filled in properly?

    Using iTunes on Windows is a difference in our configs. I always use Video Monkey's copy to iTunes feature. How do you "import" to iTunes? Do you just drag the video files in? And why are you changing the suffix? Sounds like the problem might be in the import step. I don't know anything about iTunes on Windows, so I can imagine it getting confused with that suffix. But it sounds like you've had this problem even when you didn't change the suffix.

    If you used MetaX on Windows to add the metadata, then the problem might still be Windows not recognizing the metadata in a file created on Mac. That doesn't sound likely, but I don't have any experience with your workflow, so I don't know what else it could be.

  • AndyTheFiredog

    AndyTheFiredog - 2010-10-06

    Yes, description field is filled properly. I use iTunes on my Mac to convert. The files exhibit the same missing description on the exact same MacBookPro I converted them on, so it can't be anything like that.

    Here's what I've stumbled upon this morning: The files that all work SEEM to have shorter descriptions on thetvdb's database. When I copy and paste the data manually into the Description field in iTunes, the entire description, no matter how long, shows as soon as I hit paste. When I hit Enter, or move from that file and come back, the description has been truncated. Of course, I didn't notice this because I simply copy, paste, see the whole text, hit enter, hit the down arrow, repeat.

    So it looks like the shows I'm doing have some crazy descriptions that either the encoding process fails on, or iTunes completely ignores (as opposed to truncating like when I paste).

    Does any of that help?


  • Chris Marrin

    Chris Marrin - 2010-10-06

    I actually have had a problem in the past with bad characters in the description. Your descriptions may be too long as well. Please copy and paste the console output of one of your encodes into a message and post it. Then I can take a look.


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