Input and output resolution is wrong

  • Laurence Cope

    Laurence Cope - 2010-12-29

    I have some AVIs which are 768x576 (taken using my Panasonic Mini DV camera).

    Video Monkey thinks the input is 720x576, so when I choose "Limit Output Params to Input" it makes the output 720x576 so therefore my video looks a little squashed.

    There does not seem anyway to override this resolution.

    So is this a bug? Is there anyway around this, I thought I found my perfect conversion tool until I discovered this.


  • Chris Marrin

    Chris Marrin - 2011-01-02

    Why do you think they are 768x576? Do you have evidence of this by playing them in some other app? Check the Input Info panel in VM. Does it say they are 768x576 or 720x576? If it is the former then it is a problem with the parameter logic in VM. If it is the latter, then the incoming video is lying to the mediainfo tool.

    How did you import the movie from Mini DV? Did you use iMovie or a third party tool? Maybe that tool is writing the wrong metadata?

    If you can send me a short sample, I can look at it.


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