Audio is too low

  • Dracorubio

    Dracorubio - 2009-11-22

    I just started using videomonkey this week and am very pleased with the results. I only noticed one thing that bugs me. I convert 720P MKV files to iPhone with metadata encoding set to fastest. Quality is set to Go Nuts

    The video is fine, but the audio seems te have been dialed down. If I set my iPhones audio to max I can hardly hear it when watching video on the train. Is this a bug, setting or is it just me?

  • Sean

    Sean - 2009-12-03

    When I convert any video (using the AppleTV setting), I definitely notice a decrease in the volume (not quality though) of the audio as well.  Maybe not to the extent that you do, but I definitely have to crank up my stereo during playback to get a decent sound level.

    I don't remember ever seeing a setting to control this, but maybe one could be added?


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