In 10.6 doesn't search the tvdb

  • Anonymous - 2009-12-17

    I understand why you might want to turn off automatic searching of the tvdb, but in the current it doesn't seem to want to get the metadata at all, no matter what I do. I'm rolling back, unless someone has an idea what I might be doing wrong.

    (Just tried 10.5 and it pulled the data fine, so it's wasn't the tvdb.)

  • Dash16

    Dash16 - 2009-12-19

    Searching isn't working for me either, I figured _I_ must have been doing something wrong. 

  • W Buchanan

    W Buchanan - 2009-12-21

    I noticed the same thing when I tried to encode some TV shows. When I tried to do a couple of movies, though, I changed the search site in the pop-up menu and noticed that there where THREE entries in the menu rather than the previous TWO.

    The third entry was a duplicate of That entry does not function, the original (i.e., the first in the menu) still works fine.

    Unfortunately, the default search in the preferences dialog seems to be using the broken tvdb rather than the functional one.

  • Matthew

    Matthew - 2010-01-26

    I had this problem, too.  I think it's somehow a hold-over from v0.5.  There's a workaround:

    Set the autosearch to in preferences.  Quit, and relaunch.

    Add a file to the queue and open the info panel.  It'll do a search for the file (may or may not find anything).  Use the menu to select the upper

    Go to preferences, and set the to default.  Quit, and relaunch.  When it opens again, your files should be searching in the new and the duplicate should have disappeared from the list.

  • W Buchanan

    W Buchanan - 2010-01-26

    hemsatmj: THANK YOU!! It works perfectly now.

    I was really not looking forward to manually initiating the searches for 185 TV episodes I just ripped. 8-)

  • MoonDogg

    MoonDogg - 2010-02-01

    Thanks.. hemsatmj … I had the same issue.. works great now…


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