Spanish localization of VideoMonkey 0.7

  • Emilio Perez

    Emilio Perez - 2010-02-20

    I miss the spanish localization of this great app, an enhanced VisualHub.
    I've made a spanish lproj folder from the VideoMonkey 0.7 sources.
    If you are agree, yo can put it into the app.

    1- some strings in the main window are taken from commands.xml so they are shown in english although they are localized.
    2- the text field at the bootom of the main window with the string "Press start to encode files" is shown in english although it's localized (to "Pulsa Empezar para convertir archivos"), perhaps it's a problem with its id in Interface Builder, in IB is 620 but generating the strings file is 621
    3- Start button (first button of the toolbar) shows the english text Start although it's translated to "Empezar".

    Greetings, Emilio.

  • Enrique Ballarin

    This is the roadmap to localize VideoMonkey (to Spanish or any other language).
    - Translate the MainMenu.nib via nibtool.
    - Create a localization of the file commands.xml and translate this.
    - Create a file "Localizable.strings" with the localizable strings of the application and modify the source code to use this.
    I have worked on this the weekend and the localization works fine. If someone get more detail on this, i can explain more or write a mini "howto".



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