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  • Dave Healey

    Dave Healey - 2010-02-20


    I like the way VideoMonkey is being built, with the ability to customize some parts of the program through "commands.xml" etc.

    I have searched the Package Contents and I couldn't find any configurable options for AtomicParsley and presume these commands are embedded in the VideoMonkey binary?

    You can see what is being generated in the console screen.

    I have a simple requirement, which I had hoped I could do myself. I want to change the output of the "Name (episode title)" field so it has the "Program Name", "Season Number" & "Episode Number" appended to the front.

    If I encode the first episode of "24", Video Monkey correctly identifies my file and places "Day 1 - 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M." in the "name" field. All I want to do is append the above values (which it already has elsewhere in the metadata) so I end up with "24 - S01E01 - Day 1 - 12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M."

    The reason I want to do this is when the resulting file is posted to iTunes, iTunes uses the "name" field for the final filename in the iTunes library. I plan to convert all my media to mp4 format and delete all the old avi files. I also use Plex (a fork of XBMC). If AtomicParsley formats the filenames as per my request, Plex and any other package based on an XBMC fork will be able to scrape the files successfully.

    This means I can consolidate all my media into the iTunes library and have multiple applications use one set of media, iTunes, Front Row, Plex etc. which would be really cool. I am currently doing it manually and it does indeed work, but without being able to get VideoMonkey to automatically populate the "name" field with my requirements, I have to cut&paste the appended values into the info screen of each file before I hit the Start button.

  • Dave Healey

    Dave Healey - 2010-02-20

    ok, I think I've found where I need to edit:


    Somewhere in here, I need to change @"title" to:
      @"title" = @"TVShowName" + " - S" + @"TVSeasonNum" + "E" + @"TVEpisodeNum" + " - " + @"title"

    but I think I am out of my depth here :-(


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