Nice. As it should be consistent I guess we'd need to have this for quicksearch, search and edit- would be easier, too.


robelix wrote:
And another little inconvenience: When typing in the search-box the
first ajax-result gets selected automatically - I type "simpsons" and
hit enter - I expect to get the list, but I get the first result.
 > As for the autoselection of the first search result- don't like it
 > either. Any hint how to change this would be welcome- I'd be glad to fix
 > this before 3.0.

Think I found a fix for this one:

changing line 286 javascript/scriptaculous/controls.js
(in function updateChoices)

       this.index = 0;
       this.index = -1;

Then it displays the found entries without selection. "Enter" hits the 
form, with an Arrow-Down you start with the first selection.


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