>- adding a 'private' user flag that allows this user's movies to be visible
>to him and an administrator only (for shared anvironments)
To solve this I added another table to the database called "usershare." It stores two user ids.  The first is the person viewing, and the second is the person's list they are able to see.
Then I added a function to call all lists a viewer is able to see and concantenated their own userid to the end.  Then I changed the queries and dropdowns on output.php, index.php, show.php, and search.php.  Had to add a check on the "Get" form that calls "Owner" as the list that is being viewed to see if they were in the person's "share" list.  If so, they can view, if not, they are shown their own list again. Then added another page that allowed for the list owners to check who they wanted to be able to see their lists. 
This way people can "share" their lists without allowing everyone to see it, or only having themselves able to see it.
Example database entry-
id - 1  Userid - 1 Shareid - 3
Next will be adding an email request button to ask for viewing permission, which the user can confirm in their email.
Anyone try anything else? or had a different idea?

Andreas Goetz <cpuidle@gmx.de> wrote:
I'm thinking about adding new features- feedback welcome:

- add 'Signup' functionality to allow self-registration of users, possibly
requiring additional admin 'release'
- make password fields protected as suggested earlier (do we really need two
fields for verification?)

- restrict the genres field by removing 'Adult' for users that don't have
adult rights

Does this make sense?


Andreas Goetz

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