#59 php parse error in functions.php


After upgrading to Slackware 12 from 11 videodb is not working anymore. When trying to open index.php i get this message in the apache error log: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/sroed/public_html/videodb/core/functions.php on line 1055

I have not done anything to edit the functions.php file.


  • precariouspanther

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    Unexpected end error is frequently caused by the short php tags used in
    videodb (<? rather than <?php ) and so if you have recently changed
    configurations make sure that "short_open_tag" directive in php.ini is
    switched to on.

    This might be something the project admins would be willing to look into
    changing as its always been the first stumbling block for me whenever
    reinstalling videodb as quite frequently short open tags are not enabled
    by default.

  • badis

    badis - 2007-07-11

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    Great, it works now. I guess thats a new default setting in php.ini since slackware usually dont touch any kind of settings.

  • Andreas Goetz

    Andreas Goetz - 2007-07-14

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    short_open_tag is by default enabled in PHP. Your search/replace is not sufficient, as it neglects the use of <?= which I personally like. I'd recommend to not change to long tags (since videoDB was started, _only_ 2 bugs have been raised on this issue) nd stay with short tags which work fine for the majority.

  • Ze

    Ze - 2007-08-06

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    Witch version of:

    - PHP
    - videodb

    do you used ?

  • kerne

    kerne - 2007-09-05

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    short_open_tag is by default NOT turned on in OpenBSD 4.1 with the OpenBSD PHP 5 package. Just an FYI. OpenBSD's great for security but can be a bit finicky when it comes to bugs.


  • Andreas Goetz

    Andreas Goetz - 2007-09-08

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    Fixed with 2.4.0

  • Andreas Goetz

    Andreas Goetz - 2007-09-08
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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