#142 C128 Patched/Updated ROMs



I received the charset and the kernal of a C128DCR from Switzerland. If you want, you can use it for a Swiss C128 mashine type.

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  • Querino

    Querino - 2014-07-13

    thanks, it seems they are now included in the newest aource.

  • Jochen Adler

    Jochen Adler - 2014-07-26

    I analysed the national versions of the C128. The national routines, national keyboard-tables and the national accent-tables are from fc80 to fe8b. At
    there are:
    The area fc80 - fe8b of all three files are identical; Finnish and Swedish is the same.
    The explanation of complete.swedish.318034-01.bin is: "Ditto, for a Swedish/Finnish Commodore 128 DCR". This also says that Finnish and Swedish is the same.
    The three different files of one national version are three different kinds of revisions. I invented names for the revisions, see the attached file C128 revisions cff8-cfff.txt. So I think that it's not necessary that there are two entries for Finnish and Swedish in settings -> C128 settings -> machine type.

    The national versions of international/USA, German/Austrian, Swedish/Finnish and Swiss are the latest revision (which I call 1.9).
    The national versions of France/Belgium, Norway and Italy are an older revision (which I call 1.6).
    I made an update-patch of the three older revision: I copied the national part of them into a 1.9-revision. So France/Belgium, Norway and Italy also have a patch for the programmable keys and for DMA.
    The area cff8 - cfff contain signature-bytes and checksum-bytes. Because I don't know how these bytes are computed I filled the unknown bytes with #$ff. If anybody knows how the signature-bytes or the checksum-byte is computed he could inform me.
    I'm also looking for the latest revison of France/Belgium, Norway and Italy or any revison of Spain (Argentine?) and Denmark.

    The file complete.swedish.318034-01.bin also contains the C64-kernal. This doesn't contain the international/USA-Keyboard-layout but the Swedish/Finnish Keyboard-layout. I attached this as kernal64se.

  • gpz

    gpz - 2016-12-31

    i dont quite undestand what to do with those files and what they refer to... to make it clear: we do only include ROMs that existed in actual commodore computers, not something that was patched together from different sources to get the last revision. i also dont understand what the c64 kernal is supposed to be - the swedish c128 surely didnt have some patched c64 kernal originally?!

  • gpz

    gpz - 2017-03-13

    so, would you elaborate?


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