#88 Provide multiple options for quicksaving



I've seen this on another emulator (perhaps it was ZSNES or NEStopia or something).

Anyway, this emulator does quicksaves like this:
- Have X slots for quicksaves.
- Name the quicksaves like the game in question, so it's GAME_1.sav to GAME_10.sav, for example.
- When you quicksave, the emulator either overwrites the oldest save of the bunch or stoically uses a counter that goes from 1 to X and then starts again.

This way, one could prevent accidentally saving over the only quick save.

Another option (which could be switched in the Preferences) would be:
- Provide X quicksave slots.
- Provide a way to navigate those slots, either by directly selecting them (by mouse click or shortcut, perhaps) or by cycling through them.
That way would help people who want to use multiple slots but don't want to enter the filenames every time.

I'm programmer with C++ skills, I could try my hand at these if help is appreciated.


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