#188 VICE layout customizing

new feature (Rendering)

Along the same vein as MAME/MESS/UME, it would be such a lovely thing to allow for:

1) an overlay, such as a hires C= PET, 1702 / 1802 / 1902 monitor to frame an emulator's video rendering

2) cpu/monitor/disk LED(s) coordinates that interact with any on-screen indicators with emulator peripheral activity

I'd like to take this one on myself, having hacked around a bit in the code, but it looks like it could be a more trivial task for a VICE developer. What can I do to help make this happen?



    MIRKOSOFT - 2014-07-13

    Really good idea. I saw emulation of C128 in MESS. Sadly must to say very wrong working, e.g. Switch btw. VIC and VDC by Numpad Enter like forgotten 128's numeric block. And keyboard customization is great, but helps not in case this switch... But keyboard layout customization can be great (I mean for immediately customization 'cause Vice keyboard is possible to remap generally in sym/pos file)
    But one this it's missing - CBM key like key can be shifted, so nice will be "key can be Commodored".
    Also indicators of speed, framerate, lock keys status will be usefull.
    Think about - currently I'm satisfied Vice user (few bugs has but I hope quickly fixed - important FD2000/4000 bug of x128).


  • gpz

    gpz - 2016-03-24

    1) unlikely to happen anytime soon unless someone provides a proper patch that works on all platforms
    2) please elaborate what you mean by that, i dont quite understand what the idea is


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