#177 SuperCPU as new device not as new emulator

new Device


I mean that like Commodore 64 or Commodore 128 can work with/without SuperCPU 64/128 is better than create new emulator option to add this device (SCPU64/SCPU128) to x64 or x128.
Everybody knows that SCPU64 can work with both models and in case x128 is not possible to use it in native mode.
SCPU128 can work on both models too, but in both cases (x64 & x128) is possible to use full functionality.

Of course emulation of SuperCPU needs to have selection of model - 64 or 128 (v1 or v2).
It needs also all three switchers:
Unit Enable/Disable
JiffyDOS Enable/Disable
Speed Enable/Disable

These switchers can have also useful keystrokes.

Please think about this... it's better choice than rewrite whole emulation of x64 or x128.



  • Greg King

    Greg King - 2013-08-31

    But, we don't use the SuperCPU as a device. It is the main computer! We plug C64s and C128s into the SuperCPU, not the other way around. We use those C64s and C128s as boxes of peripheral devices:

    • keyboard device,
    • display devices,
    • sound device,
    • I/O port devices,
    • RAM device.

    The 6510/8502 CPU in the C64/C128 isn't used, at all.

    Therefore, it does make sense to create a different emulator for the SuperCPU.


    MIRKOSOFT - 2013-08-31

    My opinion is other:

    If is SCPU emulator e.g. xscpu64 or xscpu128 then is impossible to realize "disable unit"...
    Of course SCPU normally works in emulated 6510/8502 mode and native 65816 16-bit mode, with speed 1 or 20MHz.
    Also 8502 is possible to overclocking by software to 1.3MHz with displaying VIC graphics.... what's not possible in xscpu128 only...

    These things can not to be forgotten if VICE want to be at first line (truth is that SCPU emulation I saw not yet by other solution), in my case - I'm C128 user and own SCPU128, really better emulator of C128 have not seen, also I'm very very waiting to time when will be published build with xscpu128... 'cause VICE always forget C128 users 'cause they know that are only one emulator which is used by C128 users...
    In case of videochips, VIC is emulated better and not forgotten, VIC-IIe real-interlace (if we forgot few bugs) is good emulated, only real tests makes problems. VDC is totally forgotten - interlaced modes are impossible to use, 8568 38th register is not emulated, H/V sync is not good emulated - yes, one answer I get: IT NEEDS TOTAL REWRITE OF OUTPUT CAUSE VDC HAS SO MANY VARIOUS MODES THAN NO OTHER DEVICE...
    Ok, rewritting is not easy and not small project, fixed is only 40x25 mode for VDC... but at what time will be enough of time to rewrite it? Many things not so important are created, added to C64 emulator and C128 emulator long time had not change.
    In case of VICE 2.4.x is not yet solved x128 FD-2000/4000 hang problem at access.
    Also simple answer was to my Q how to copy text from VDC to clipboard, answer was: It's not easy to use second window to copy text.
    I don't want to get answers what's not easy and similar... I'm programmer, not only C128, also PC Windows platform, yes, I know that I'm programming in Visual Basic/VB.net what is not so great for anybody...

    So, give us (128 users) at least some changes, not only 64 users are preferred...


  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-31

    greg explained it quite well

  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-31
    • status: open --> pending-invalid

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