#154 HLSL filters support

new feature (Rendering)

Short of super cool ideas for new VICE features? I got one that I hope will raise some interest.

Let's face it, VICE emulation is really feature rich, exact and rewarding. The next big thing in emulation should be realism. Scanlines and CRT emulation are very nice, but there's something implemented in MAME (stable) that really makes a huge difference in screen rendering: HLSL filters.

It looks as impressive as this:

Why not implementing them into VICE and have the screen look like very close to a real CRT? It will look definitely amazing.

All references are in MAME sources


  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-06-16
    • assigned_to: Jupp Schlupp
    • Category: --> new feature (Rendering)
  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-06-16

    well yes, fortunately the author of micro64 (check micro64.de) is also contributing to VICE, so this stuff being added is mostly a matter of time... dont expect it in the near future though, since there are a lot of things to do first (cleaning up and preparing the graphics pipeline for proper accelerated rendering)

  • Mauro Grauso

    Mauro Grauso - 2013-06-17

    That sounds amazing! Good luck implementing it. It could be a great Christmas time present as usual ;-)

  • Mauro Grauso

    Mauro Grauso - 2013-06-17

    OMG Micro64 is... awesome! Seriously simulating a CRT brings the emulation to the next level. It's completely another experience. If that PAL filters all come to VICE, the world will be a much better place :)

  • Mauro Grauso

    Mauro Grauso - 2015-01-17

    Any update about this old feature request? Is it in the devs pipeline?


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