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Welcome to the bug tracker for VICE.

Please report only actual bugs here, for patches and feature requests use the dedicated trackers instead.

To make handling your reports easier, please make sure to include the following:

  • what VICE version are you using?
  • what operating system are you using?
  • what did you do?
  • what did happen?
  • what did you expect to happen?

You can find the list of known problems and our TODO list here.

If possible, please try a nightly build - the problem may already be fixed:

nightly builds of WinVICE kindly provided by pokefinder.org can be found here

nightly builds for Debian Linux kindly provided by Spiro Trikaliotis can be found here

To get in touch with the Developers use the mailing lists. Some of us can also be found on IRC #vice-dev on Freenode.

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Port Category
835 svn export fails on a few files open compyx Buildsystem  
831 snapshot issues with VIC-II (sc) model settings open  
828 Autostart not behaving as expected in xscpu64 open Soci/Singular xscpu64  
827 screenshots are always full width / border mode is ignored open Marco van den Heuvel xvic  
826 Cpu jam on loading IK+ game open  
824 SCPU writes to mirrored memory does not block during badlines open Soci/Singular xscpu64  
823 Gtk fliplist UI segfaults open GTK2 User Interface  
819 x64 NTSC: runs extremely fast sometimes pending MacOS X x64  
818 Emulated CPU running too fast pending-fixed gpz  
814 Screen ratio of CBM-II/720 model open gpz xcbm2  
811 Monitor commands not working properly from command line "-moncommands" script (unit testing c64 code) open Monitor  
810 SDL: Setting border to 'none' in UI fails open Daniel Mehrwald SDL2x User Interface  
808 printer output open Marco van den Heuvel Windows Printers  
803 Wildcard parsing ignores file type open compyx Virtual Drives  
802 Path name truncation open Windows User Interface  
797 xvic GTK2 takes 10 seconds to quit pending-works-for-me GTK2 xvic  
792 C64 Emulator Hiccups Often when Keyboard Joystick is Used open-need-info  
791 Double mouse cursors in GeOS, in Windows mode, in fullscreen its ok pending-works-for-me Windows User Interface  
783 PETCAT - tokenize Basic 10.0 works not - bug or ? pending-fixed Marco van den Heuvel Windows petcat  
778 Wrong oscillator's initial value pending-fixed ReSID  
777 No write delay on 8580 pending-fixed ReSID  
776 Slow output in monitor open MacOS X Monitor  
774 resid internal data bus value not updated on valid reads pending-fixed  
773 Ring modulation not correctly emulated pending-fixed ReSID  
771 Refresh rate is broken since 2.4.29 on OS X pending-fixed Marco van den Heuvel MacOS X x64sc  
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