#492 Strange window format in WinVice

User Interface

I've noticed that lately WinVice has been doing something strange.
At random times on startup the screen displays a black bar at the bottom and the window is resized to compensate for the bar. (see attached image)
I'm running vice in NTSC mode but it looks as though it's trying to format the screen for PAL then adjusts for NTSC??
This happens once, or sometimes 4/5 times in a row.

I tried renaming the vice.ini file and starting over, but it just keeps happening, I'm not sure how to recreate it on demand.

I've seen this happen in xVIC.exe and x64.exe.

O/S is: Windows7-Ultimate 32bit
Using the latest nightly build of WinVice, but I've seen this in the last 10-15 builds.

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  • Ray

    Ray - 2014-01-29

    Here is my current vice.ini file.

  • Ray

    Ray - 2014-01-30

    New info.

    I renamed my vice.ini file and started xvic.exe (because it starts faster than x64.exe).
    I centered the window on the screen, switched to NTSC and saved the settings.

    I then started and closed xvic about 50 times, it start normally every time.

    I then moved the window so that its right edge was against the right edge of the screen and saved the settings.

    Again I began to start and close xvic, on about the 6th and 15th times I saw the black bar again.

    My screen resolution is 1920x1080.
    Here's the current vice.ini file from testing:

  • gpz

    gpz - 2014-01-31
    • assigned_to: Marco van den Heuvel
  • Andreas Matthies

    • status: open --> open-fixed
    • assigned_to: Marco van den Heuvel --> Andreas Matthies
  • Andreas Matthies

    Fixed in r29562.

  • Ray

    Ray - 2015-04-06

    Seems to be working fine now.
    Thanks. :)

  • gpz

    gpz - 2015-06-16
    • status: open-fixed --> pending-fixed
  • Marco van den Heuvel

    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed

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