#454 Monitor crashes

User Interface

Using: Windows7 Ultimate (32bit)
Current nightly build from pokefinder (r27545)

Seems to happen in all but xvic.exe

Run emulator then press Alt+M, emulator crashes.

Delete "MonitorDimensions" line from vice.ini
run an emulator
press Al+M, monitor starts ok
close monitor
press Alt+M, emulator crashes with

Assertion failed!
Program D:\WinVice\x64.exe
File: unimon.c
Line: 749

Expression: pwd->extra == NULL


  • Ray

    Ray - 2013-07-16

    Just tested: (r27518) is the last version that does not crash.

    Update(7/27): Setting Compatibility to "Windows XP SP3" prevents emulators from crashing when entering the built-in (ALT+M) monitor.

    Last edit: Ray 2013-07-27
  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-07-16
    • assigned_to: Marco van den Heuvel
    • Category: Monitor --> User Interface
  • Daniel Kahlin

    Daniel Kahlin - 2013-07-30

    I'm running winXP SP3 32-bit and I get the same problem.

    Tested build: r27656.

  • derrick inksley

    derrick inksley - 2013-08-09

    The monitor crashes here, too. Using WinXP. Even on a fresh vice.ini using the absolutely latest build.

    How to reproduce:
    run x64.exe, Alt-M, press x + enter to exit, Alt-M - "Assertion Failed! uimon.c line 750, Expression: pwd->extra == NULL

  • derrick inksley

    derrick inksley - 2013-08-10

    So, I commented out the line #750, "assert(pwd->extra == NULL);", and now the monitor works just fine, but I can't help but think that this doesn't solve the root of the problem.

  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-11

    "Just tested: (r27518) is the last version that does not crash."
    27519 was the revision when the (wrong) zero filling of all and every allocated memory block was removed - so the problem is that wherever the respective struct gets allocated it is not properly initialized (and never was, that zero filling was hiding the error). i am sure there are more such things ....

  • derrick inksley

    derrick inksley - 2013-08-12

    gpz, thanks for the info regarding 27519, this helped me to find the problem and fix it. attached is a patch to fix the problem.

  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-12
    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-12

    applied in r27719 - thanks for the patch!

  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-12

    btw, you can simply use "svn diff" to create a diff/patch, no need to keep a copy of the original file :)

  • Greg King

    Greg King - 2013-08-12

    Here is a generic fix for the problem (it doesn't assume anything about the internal representation of an architecture's NULL pointers). Also, the patch fixes a nearby bug (an error trap is incomplete).

  • gpz

    gpz - 2013-08-14

    okie, applied in r27728 - thanks!

  • Marco van den Heuvel

    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed

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