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  • Alex

    Alex - 2004-11-28

    Check out some screen shots
    before the next release:


    The latest release of Vicaya is not ready yet, and I may not touch it again for another two weeks. I am finished with design testing and going toward a 1.0 release (after which I will open it up to other project influence: merging with a server based Lucene project, Unicode, other file types).

    The java/javascript/html is such that I can massage around any browser/platform incompatibility today.

    search     =    html | internal
    navbar     =    html | internal
    hitsview   = replace | internal
    resultview = replace | internal

    "internal" means that a given component is embedded in the applet or application main window ("external" would be a pop-up Java window). "html" and "replace" mean that that component will be in HTML as opposed to the applet. Alternatives include "hidden", "new" (for a new browser window), and "lucky" (which for hitsview is the same as "hidden", except that it passes straight to resultview with the first hit result (like Google's "I'm feeling Lucky" option).

    In the current build, most everything is configurable except the layout within the applet (although most components have an HTML interface which, if you know HTML, is very customizable).

    Although certain browser/platform incompatibilities make this a bit hairy. You select "html" but Firefox/Mac doesn't do Http/Get, so Vicaya forces certain aspects "internal". Mac in general doesn't like browser DOM manipulation, so results vary. These "features" will be documented. I'm chatting with some Firefox developers to get some serious bugs fixed (in Firefox applet handling).

    Other configuratin options include "apwidth", "apheight" (most browsers accept pixels values and some also accept percentage - although we can fudge it with javascript), initial "query", relative path to "searchindex", number of "hitsper" page, initial "page" to view. Some of these do not make sense (why would you want to start on hit page 5?) as initial values. Keep in mind that the HTML javascript takes default values and compares them to Http/Get (passed from a previous query or navigation) if any exist.

    Future configurations will handle the display (how long is a hit summary?, are hits numbered?, display the URL?). However, with so many compatibility issues with different browers, that will have to wait. I may offer different templates (such as a google or fluid dynamics look and feel).

    • Alex

      Alex - 2004-11-28

      In the next beta release, I'll add a "logwin" option for a log popup window. Unfortunately, Firefox does not default with a Java Console and some end users can't give me feedback because they don't know how to open the console.

      Another thing I would like to do is write a javascript google hits ripper. This way, I can give a web site the option of searching themselves via google with the exact look-and-feel of Vicaya (in "html" mode) -- although probably not with the same content.

      John, would you consider using something like that for ATI? I had ATI in mind.


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