• Alex

    Alex - 2004-11-28

    This issue won't die! I'm passing arguments to Java via applet params. They params can be written two ways, in-line (no browser history) or via Http/Get. Firefox/Mac has a bug in which an applet will not load when there is a "?" in the URL. I'm chatting with Firefox developers about getting it fixed as I see no work-around.

    I've released a new package under "test" / "script2java_c.zip". Please give it a go on the most obscure browsers and platforms.

    I've only been testing in Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Camino, and IE. It occurs to me that the Vicaya HTML may not support other browsers simply because I have if/else IE/Netscape/Safari code. The issue is primarily related to how they each handle applets. All you javascript gurus, let me know if you have good browser/platform detection routines.

    • Alex

      Alex - 2004-11-28

      MO points out that it is difficult (or impossible?) to return from a hits page to the query page. This is because when you (1) submit a query it (2) reloads a new page (with the Http/Get) which very quickly (if things are working properly) reloads (3) again. The second page is just a jumping point. It was my assumption that this would be the link in the browser history.

      The terrible work-around is to click back twice very quickly (or use the pull-down).

      I would really like to merge 2 and 3. For technical reasons it's unfortunate to merge 1 and 2 because we loose the URL uniqueness (page 3 is supposed to be temporary and while it does contain the hits, it doesn't preserve state in the URL - it makes a very poor bookmark).

      I tried to get around all this by using an IFRAME. Javascript loads the applet into the IFRAME so that on reload it would refresh just the IFRAME. Another reason for doing this is that since Firefox/Mac doesn't like URLs with "?" (Http/Get), I thought javascript could trick it with an IFRAME. None of these things work, however. Perhaps I can just load the temp file into the IFRAME on page 2 (but I doubt it because that opperation occurs in Java which has VERY limited access to the DOM).

      Maybe I'll just rewrite the Java Virtual Machine for the Mac! What a terrible hack it is! I'm amazed that it works at all.


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