Offline Library Catalog on CD

  • 400hs

    400hs - 2007-07-18

    I'm going to produce a CD or DVD based on Vicaya for library catalogs.
    Any bibliographic record of the library catalog is an html file, whose title is "title / author" of the book. The html files are stored in folders, with no more than 1000 files each one. The seed.html file contains an url for each html file.
    I'd like to store bib. records in a db rather than in the file system. I'd like to receive suggestions on which dbms can I embed in Vicaya for this purpose. Of course, a new servlet in Tomcat is needed for extraction of records through record-id.

    • Alex

      Alex - 2007-07-24

      May I ask why you want to put static content in a database rather than in the filesystem? The most pressing issue is that many databases write to the filesystem for locking and journaling. There are a number of databases that are both Java based and run completely in memory. You might also configure/code it to run on the hard drive. But why? You'd have to write your own search and processor.


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