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VFSJFileChooser 0.0.4

VFSJFileChooser 0.0.4 is available.

This release is focused on usability and bug fixes. Among new features, bookmarks encryption has been added as well as i18n support.

Changes :
- Bookmarks encryption support without loosing existing bookmarks.
- Added VFS URI validator for the bookmarks manager
- Added a VFS URI parser for the bookmarks editor
- Added basic i18n support(English, French, German, Spanish, Sweddish)
- Added accessors for the filechooser properties navigation panel and navigation buttons
- Fix possible NPE when setting a default button text
- Fix other possible NPE when setting custom tooltips
- Lazily initialize the filesystem manager without having to create a file chooser instance.... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-12-24

VFSJFileChooser 0.0.3 is out

VFSJFileChooser 0.0.3 was released today. The most noticeable "feature" is speed when browsing local/remote files. The component now uses new icons to improve the UI and avoid strange behaviours when using a native look and feel. Many bugs have been resolved.

* Comple changelog: https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=215380&release_id=620052
* Download page : https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=215380... read more

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-08-15

VFSJFileChooser 0.0.2 is ready

This is the third release of VFSJFileChooser(0.0.2) which has now a details view. The license has been changed from GPL to Apache.

* Sort file by names : A patch was submitted to sort file by names.(Jason Harrop)
* The "home" button will not bring you back anymore to your local home folder if you're browsing a remote directory.
* A details view is being added as a complement to the existing list view
* A right-click popup has been added to the file name textbox.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-05-02

VFSJFileChooser 0.0.1beta2 released

The second beta of VFSJFileChooser is out. VFSJFileChooser is a Java Swing Component which allows you to browse both remote and local filesystems. It is based on Apache Commons VFS library.

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-02-09

VFSJFileChooser 0.0.1beta1

The first beta of VFSJFileChooser is out. It is a Java Swing component which can browse local or remote locations(smb, ftp, sftp, webdav and some more)

Posted by Yves Zoundi 2008-01-30