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VFront / News: Recent posts

0.99.5 released - XSS vulnerability fix and other improvement

VFront 0.99.5 is out! Thank you to the guys of for the support in the XSS vulnerabilities fixes. This version include some small improvement on Log system, in the ODS export and in the subform's select fields.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2017-05-12 Labels: security update log system ods

0.99.4 released - PHP7 and Postgresql 9.5

The new minor release has been finished!
In this release we improved the code in order to support PHP 7 and Postgresql 9.5.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2016-04-25

0.99.3 - Other bugfixes

The new version fix some problem with the NULL values in PostgreSQL, the TINYINT(1) in MySQL and more minor bugs.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2015-11-25

0.99.2 - Postgres bugfix

A new release of VFront is available.
In this version the problems thats affect the Postgresql installation was fixed.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2015-04-24

The version 0.99 is online

The new VFront version is online, with a lot of new features and improvements.
It's a RC, please use it carefully.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2015-02-24

The 0.99 version is almost ready

The new 0.99 version (or 1.0-RC1) is almost ready and will be available as soon are possible. If you want to test or contribute to the new version, please install the SVN version.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2014-09-28

VFront 0.96b is out

In this version:
Added support for non-numeric PK
Fixed some postgres specific queries
Fix ENUM type bug
Added sorting by table_alias
Some minor bugfix

Posted by Marcello Verona 2011-04-29

VFront 0.96 is out!

In this version:
Switched the default language as English
Added SQLite as option as DB data
Added SQLite as method for VF registry
Added Adminer ( as plugin
Added Check DB compatibility script
Improved Error handling system
Removed dependencies from PEAR (PEAR-Image, PEAR Canvas, etc)
Added pChart as graph library
Added Error log viewer for database
Changed the vmsql.* libraries. Now the functions are embedded in a class vmsql::*
Added function vmsql::escape
Separed queries for registry (class vmreg) and DB (class vmsql)
Fixed security issuee on postgres
Code refactoring and optimization for many features
Fix bug in syncronization with a lot of groups
Added button settings in clone group operation
Now VFront use CKEditor instead of FCKeditor
Added Slovak language (thanks to Stano Kobella!)
Added table aliases (Show a different name for the table)

Posted by Marcello Verona 2011-01-26

VFront online demo

We are proud to present the VFront online demo!

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-11-10

VFront 0.95m is out

In this version was added the table alias (labels for the VFront user). Some minor bugfix was fixed.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-10-26

VFront 0.95l is out

In this version:
Added improved english translation (thanks to John McClenahan!)
Fixed bug in updatable views (MySQL)
Fixed bug in Mysql Version Test
Added Labels values in custom buttons
Added default image for hotkeys
Added check update system
Some other little bugfix

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-07-23

VFront on

VFront is on!
Please visit (and vote!) on

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-07-22

VFront 0.95i is out!

In this release was added settings in Custom buttons for shadowbox.
Added PHP 5.3 compatibility
Fixed some bugs in UTF-8 encoding and better support for UTF-8
Added JS controls for postgres field type "numeric"
Changed rules for onlyread fields
Added var for max records results
Added language setting in group variables (overwriting default settings)
Fixed IE8 CSS bug
Fixed security problem in user administration
Added German translation (thanks to Grille!)

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-07-06

VFront 0.95h is out!

New features: added shadowbox for Custom buttons, mobile support added, export search results. New bug fix and enhancements.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-03-29

VFront 0.95g is out

This version has added a major new feature: Custom buttons.
With custom bottons you can create links from forms with variable parameters according to the records that you are watching.

New bugfix: in this version the update script was fixed.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-03-17

VFront 0.95f is out

In this version:

Added change user data for the administrator level 2 and 3 (only in vfront internal authentication)
Added iSchema class: VFront now no longer uses the INFORMATION_SCHEMA with Mysql (better performances)
Fixed report with Apache FOP
Fixed PosgreSQL VFront update script
Added some JS translations (ENG)
Added some themes (Smoke and Dark Green)
Fixed error_log.txt (with Debug=false)
Fixed XSL generator
Added 'mediumint' type
Added wildcard '%' (as alternative to '*') on search by form
Added publishing statistics optionally in home page
Some little fix on HTML and CSS

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-03-14

VFront 0.95e is out

In this version the password recovery is fixed.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-03-02

VFront 0.95d is out!

In the new version:
Fixed PostreSQL installation bug
Fixed PHP-CGI installation bug
Fixed delete option in link and attachments
Added new English translations
Fixed JS error in ENG install (password control)

Posted by Marcello Verona 2010-02-22

VFront 0.95c: critical Windows bugfix

The new VFront version has been released. In this version there are a major bugfix for the installation process in Windows

Posted by Marcello Verona 2009-11-11

Bugfix in VFront 0.95b

The new release is a bugfix in update process. Plese use this version

Posted by Marcello Verona 2009-05-06

VFront 0.95a is out

News in this version: Added Update script,
Added new form fields sort & order,
Fixed LDAP auth,
Added new vars for alerts in home page,
Added Administer link in forms for the administrator and "view" in forms administration,
Scriptaculous 1.8.2,
Fixed some HTML error or warning

Posted by Marcello Verona 2009-05-05

VFront 0.95 is out

New features: themes administration, multi sort for tables, php_mysql support in case php_mysqli not exists and a lot of little bugfix

Posted by Marcello Verona 2009-04-25

VFront 0.94 Release candidate 3 is out!

In the new version multi-order by for the tables, cron system and some bugfix.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2008-12-26

VFront 0.94 Release Candidate 2

The new version include the new web installer, date type configuration, import data module (fixed!), 90% en_US translation and a lot of bugfix.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2008-10-14

VFront 0.94 Release Candidate 1

The new version include the new web installer, date type configuration, import data module, 87% en_US translation and a lot of bugfix.

Posted by Marcello Verona 2008-10-12