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Ok on the security notice it was my server the upload dont need to be exucuted just downloaded thats what happened to me also i dont have a knew version out because i still dont have my ftp details.

Posted by creamers 2008-08-24

Security Notice

Ok heres my problem my site has been hacked by the script i wrote i will update as soon as a i can in the meantime please make a backup of your site if your using it or take it down or secure it with a .htaccess file and a .htpasswd file.


Posted by creamers 2008-07-02

3.2.0 Delay

Ok i have the release ready but i losty my ftp details so i cant upload them anybody help.

Please post here if you have an answer.

Posted by creamers 2008-06-13

3.2.0 Coming

OK sometime this week i will be releasing 3.2.0 of the script and i will be launching a new Website just for You customize it all you want and even post.

Posted by creamers 2008-05-20

3.1.0 Release

OK this release is a neat release mainly for security take a look at for the full story about it. Unfortunately the dmg file didn't work out because the way the server is o well mac still has a zip extractor and stuff it expander.

Posted by creamers 2008-04-26

3.0.0 Releases

Posted by creamers 2008-04-12


Well i got a spam user on the doc system here at source forge so i have moved the doc system to media wiki located at

Please sign up and start submitting GOOD not SPAM documentation.


Posted by creamers 2008-04-05

2.1.5 Released

This version makes your whole user interface of the script more search engine friendly.

Change-log For Very Simple Php File Upload

2.1.5 (3-31-08)
footer.php file edited to fix search engines.

Posted by creamers 2008-04-01

Logger Plugin Released

OK thanks to for the logger script.

Posted by creamers 2008-03-30

2.1.4 Released

OK there version includes alot of fixs style neatness tons of things that will help you work with your files and the script so enjoy Reminder .exe is a self extracting file for windows.

Posted by creamers 2008-03-24

350 dang

Dang 350 downloads if you really like the script 3.0.0 is coming soon I'm working on the admin panel and the show files.php probably wont be fixed i may even take it out of the release. Please visit the script on hot scripts so it will hopefully rank higher.

Posted by creamers 2008-03-12


O my gosh 100 downloads i am surprised it would this popular.

Heres a fewbi

Posted by creamers 2008-03-06

2.3.0 Released

This release includes

Show_files.php has been reworked but unfortunately it is still not working but is still in released in the package.
Added Your Ip feature.
Logging feature should be coming around version 2.5.0 or version 3.0.0.

The show files is still in the works but is still released in the package.
When you visit any page on the script it will show your ip and a logging feature should be available in 2.5.0 or version 3.0.0

Posted by creamers 2008-03-01

2.1.1 Released

OK Ive released 2.1.1. It has all the styles fixed. The show_files.php file is still in the package but is not really for use you may try and use it.

Posted by creamers 2008-02-28

Mailing List.

We have setup a mailing list for product support located at.

Important this list is for support only.
If you want general chat for creamers realm go to the site or this mailing list.

Posted by creamers 2008-02-24

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