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VeryQuickWiki Version 2.4 released

Version 2.4.0 of the JSP/Servlet WikiWikiWeb clone VeryQuickWiki is out. New features include topic history browser, Java source code colouring, BeanShell plugin, internationalized WikiNames and a new look and feel.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2003-03-04

VeryQuickWiki Version 2.3 released

Printable page link in topic menus brings up a page with just the header and contents.

The number of line breaks to insert in the HTML on a new line in the text can be set
from the admin console. This means you can squeeze everything up a bit by setting it to "1"
rather than "2" (which is what VQWiki has been using until now - the default is 2).

Extensible links. "" now holds expansions for prefix:url format links. This
makes it easy to add extra linking to other Wikis or internal web systems like WebCVS.... read more

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-11-12

Version 2.2 released - email notification of changes

The email subscription/notification system submitted by Robert Brewer some time ago has finally been adapted to work with virutal wikis and is now available as of 2.0.0.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-10-22

Version 2.1 Released

It doesn't have every contribution that people have made yet - I hope to get Mark Goodwin, Fritz Freiheit and Robert Brewer's extensions in eventually... but there's only so many hours in a day! But it is a new release, and it does have a lot of improvements.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-09-08

Version 2.0 with MySQL support BETA 1 released

Version 2.0 BETA 1 has optional support for MySQL as a back end.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-02-16

1.8.1 - improved locking system

Version 1.8.1 is now available.
It features a new locking mechanism where an error message is generated if the lock
that a user editing a document times out. Now they can not overwrite the changes
made by the person who acquired the timed-out lock.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-02-08

Version 1.8.0 - file upload/attachment

The big changes are support for file uploads and links to the uploads, i.e. the ability to attach files to topics, and switchable support for HTML alongside Wiki markup.

We've done a bit of refactoring too, in preparation for a rewrite for the Jakarta Struts architecture and adding optional support for a database back-end as an alternative to the native flat-file system.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-01-27

1.6.3 has a work-around for earlier Tomcats

1.6.3 has a work-around to prevent exceptions on saving in Tomcat 2.x and 3.x. I still recommend upgrading to 4.x

Download from:

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-12-07

Use Tomcat 4.0, not 3.3 or 2.4

There is currently a problem with Tomcat 3.3 and 2.4 that causes an exception to be thrown when a Wiki valueless parameter is used in a re-direction. Topics save, but instead of being returned to the saved page, an exception is thrown. Jakarta have fixed the problem in the nightly build of 3.x and I will release an alternative version of VQWiki to get around the problem with the other Tomcats in the meantime. Tomcat 4.0 has excellent speed and stability, so I'd suggest upgrading to that if possible anyway.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-12-05

1.6 - now has diff and username cookies

Unlike most Wikis, VQWiki does not rely on the presence of the Unix diff
utility, instead it contains its own implementation of the Symbionics diff

If a topic has been edited and versioning is switched on, a link to the diff
will appear as
"Last Edited DD/MM/YYYY"
on the menu at the bottom of the topic page. Clicking on the link will show the

You can now set a name stored as a cookie to appear on RecentChanges

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-11-20

1.5.1 - important fix

Anyone using 1.5 should immediately upgrade to 1.5.1 to fix a problem with multi-user use. If using Tomcat remember to delete the contents of Webapps\vqwiki-x.x.x if you are using the same URL after deploying the WAR. It also helps to delete the Work folder where Tomcat caches classes.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-11-17

V 1.5 - big UI improvements

A new CSS by Robert McKinnon makes VQWiki look a whole lot better. Back linking appears at the bottom of each topic, and additive search indexing is working correctly.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-11-10

Version 1.4 - better search, back linking and admin console

Version 1.4 now has a multiple term search engine, one-click back-linking, primitive versioning and an admin console.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-10-22

Version 1.3 - now has search

Version 1.3 is now available, it includes a single-term seach engine and the ability to create topics that are not JoinedCapitalizedWords.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-10-18

Version 1.2 released

Version 1.2 features a dynamic RecentChanges page and a self-generating explanation of the TextFormattingRules.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-10-14

Version 1.1.2

This version contains a deployment descriptor to ensure it will run in servers that demand one such as JBoss.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-10-01

Version 1.1.1

Bug-fix. Fixes problems with punctuation interfering with URLs in links.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-09-25

Version 1.1 released

Version 1.1 is available. It has a full formatting implementation with an improved lexer.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-09-22

Version 1.0 Released

The first version (stable) out now.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-08-26

CVS available

The CVS for VeryQuickWiki is up.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2001-08-26