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VQWiki v2.8 beta was released

Please keep in mind this is a BETA version

- Using StyleSheet topic as CSS instead of vqwiki.css
- Export2HTML, WikiStatistics and WikiSiteMap now works as it should be.
- Improved removal of lockfiles
- Fixed minor screen layout issue
- Fixed issue with that could not be found

- ExFormatLex has now support for macros (replace keywords with html snippets).
- Editor jsp reworked.
- Table of contents for headlines (default: switched off).
- Added resource message admin.caption.openExtLinkInNewWindow
- Added property openExtLinkInNewWindow
- Added logging if lock file couldn't be deleted
- New version of fileupload (commons-fileupload 1.1 / commons-io 1.2)
- New QuickHelp special topic for edit screen
- Added russian translation
- Updated german translation
- Added strikethrough support that doesn't conflict with horizontal line
- Added new WikiHelp default topics
- Improved default LeftMenu and TopArea contents

- vqwiki.css file deprecated, replaced by StyleSheet topic
- source code is no longer included in war file, please get it from the repository

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-16

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