VQWiki is looking for new project members

The VQWiki project is always looking for new project members to aide in the realisation of a better product.

We are currently looking actively for people to fill the following positions:

-- Translator to bring new languages to the VQWiki project --

The VQWiki project is looking for volunteers whom are willing to translate the VQWiki project into new languages and are willing to continue to update their language's entries whenever required. In principle you must be a native speaker of the language you are translating to.

We expect the effort to maintain the translation after the initial translation to be fairly low due to the few updates on the language side of things. We are however working on a big new 3.0 release and might require additional translation efforts on that side.

-- Graphical Designer for new logo and site design --

We are currently in the market for a new logo and possibly an accompanying site design. The new VQWiki logo must embody the core values that we strive the project to be associated with: lightweight, easy to use and still functional.

The site design will need to be as lightweight as possible, relying on current web standards like XHTML and CSS rather than a lot of images.

Any takers for either of these jobs are requested to respond to this job posting:
- through sourceforge or
- by contacting mvdkleijn@users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Anonymous 2005-12-15

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