VQWiki announces release 2.7.6

VQWiki release 2.7.6

Version 2.7.6 was released today with some minor fixes and improvements. The main obvious improvement was to the administration screen which allows for easier and quicker configuration of database related settings and LDAP related settings. Some changes were also made to the system to hopefully improve on internationalization issues.

Upgrading to release 2.7.6

Please always make a backup of your data and your customizations as always.
For the rest, the upgrade should be as simple as deploying the new release next to or instead of your current version, making it point to the same source of data.

Future of VQWiki

We are currently working on getting this project back on track, which brings along a lot of work. A new server should come available sometime this weekend, which will partly support the VQWiki project. Once this is up and running, the site and documentation will be undergoing some maintenance. One of the items that will be available on the new site will be a release schedule.

We have received a number of questions concerning release 3.0. Please keep in mind that this will be a major overhaul of the underlying code for VQWiki. This will mean that it will take a lot of time. We ask your understanding and patience with regards to release 3.0 and would like to point you to the future release schedule for more information when that comes available.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-01

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