VeryQuickWiki Version 2.3 released

Printable page link in topic menus brings up a page with just the header and contents.

The number of line breaks to insert in the HTML on a new line in the text can be set
from the admin console. This means you can squeeze everything up a bit by setting it to "1"
rather than "2" (which is what VQWiki has been using until now - the default is 2).

Extensible links. "" now holds expansions for prefix:url format links. This
makes it easy to add extra linking to other Wikis or internal web systems like WebCVS.

Sublists. Use multiple groups of three spaces to create lists within lists.

Improved attachment system. Special syntax for absolute path for uploads is not required. Content
is delivered directly by servlet rather than having to place the attachment in a location
relative to the JSP context. "mime.types" can be used to specify by-extension content types.
SmartUpload is no longer used - now using Jakarta Commons upload.

Improved text formatter. The lexing is now performed in two passes, this has meant fixes are
possible (and have been implemented) for strange list and table behaviour. A unit test for
the lexer has also been added to help with further lex enhancements.

SMTP username and password added to admin console for users who require authentication on
their SMTP servers.

Templates are now available in file mode as well as database mode.

Posted by Gareth Cronin 2002-11-12

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