I would like to run vqwiki on my website. My shared hosting provider supports Tomcat and JSP, so installing vqwiki is, as a general matter, no problem.

However, I have no access to configuration files and the files I upload through vqwiki, because the host provider's control panel application (Plesk) works with Tomcat to select a pre-determined installation path that is not accessible to me through FTP or otherwise. This is annoying because it really prevents me from using vqwiki.

My host provider tells me that this is just the way Plesk and Tomcat interact, but that it would nevertheless be possible for me to somehow influence vqwiki's installation path (allegedly by having it point to an area on the server I can actually control). I doubt that this is true, because it seems to me that it is Plesk/Tomcat that automatically select the path (the only thing I can do is upload the WAR file), not vqwiki. However, I am not sure and hope some of you experts could help me out.

Thank you!

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