Hi again Russ,


Well, if you were able to switch to a database (like mysql or ms sql server) you would be able to:

-          Extract the actual text in the topics rather than the html presentation of the texts on each page/topic and

-          Use sql functions like replace to change the wiki syntax.


Depending on the amount of information it could be worthwhile to explore this alternative.






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I'm not sure how exporting from the database helps me, since the issue is translation from vqwiki syntax to mediawiki syntax in source documents, and I don't even use a database. ;)


Since my post, I have tried a few things, and made some progress.


First, I tried to use a perl-based html-to-wiki translator (found here):


        html2wiki --dialect MediaWiki topic_file ...


This failed miserably even for simple pages.


If you think about it, it seems like a much harder problem to convert html-ified wiki content, verses just translating the original wiki source form.  Ultimately, I decided to take the latter approach, and have written a translator to do the job.  The translator takes this approach:


I.   tokenize the original vqwiki sources to a generalized intermediate form (some have used XML for this; I did not)

II.  define mediawiki macros to translate the intermediate form to a different syntax.


As an simple example, here is the intermediate form for a Topic:




So if I define:





then I can output mediaWiki syntax (actually vqwiki already allows this input syntax, along with back-tick quotes, but you get the idea.)


Obviously the full problem is deeper than this, but I believe I have solved most of it.  I will post the sources somewhere after I do some more testing.


Step II. could theoretically be any arbitrary wiki syntax, though at the present time I am only interested in mediawiki.


As an aside, I also had the idea of switching vqwiki to use mediawiki input syntax, by setting:



in WEB-INF/classes/vqwiki.properties.  However, it doesn't seem to do much.  Either I'm not doing it right, or the work was never finished on this lexer.  I followed the instructions here.


I think this is a better long term approach for the community, since it would allow vqwiki as an alternative to JAM and/or the full MediaWiki behemoth.  In my case, the only goal is to force myself to start using media-wiki syntax.  There are serveral things I like about vqwiki over other wiki's, like the fact that I don't have to use a database for a small installation on my laptop.  Keeping the topics in the filesystem makes it very easy to move around and to backup.






At 5:42 PM +0100 7/20/10, Marcello Teodori wrote:

Hi, thanks for this useful info, it's something that should be added to the documentation as a FAQ entry or somewhere else.

I've been thinking a lot about adding a sort of driver concept support to the Export2HTML feature to allow exporting to different file formats, mostly with the Creole format in mind to avoid vqwiki syntax lock-in and also allow changing the syntax at a future version upgrade.



Marcello Teodori


On 16/lug/2010, at 14.15, Johan Lindell wrote:

Hi Russ,


If you switch to database mode you can retrieve the contents from the Topic table. If you set up database persistence you can import the wiki-pages/files to the database and the retrieve them from there


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From: Russ Tremain [mailto:russt@releasetools.org] 
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Subject: [veryquickwiki-users] convert vqwiki to mediawiki?




I've written a lot of content in vqwiki, but unfortunately my current employer uses media wiki for mark-up.


Any hints on the easiest way to convert content from vqwiki to mediawiki?


I'm currently using vqwiki 2.8.1.


Possibly I can go the Export2HTML route, but that seems error prone.





P.S.  here is a useful post, which summarized a bunch of conversion tools last year.  Seems like Atlassian has the most mature tool, but it is to convert everything to Confluence (their product).


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