Hi Josef, that announcement is very old,
3.0 was too different and we never managed to bring it on, we also created 4.0 but in the end it was just me contributing to it, so I preferred to do bugfixing on 2.8 as that one is in production running the wiki of our Java User Group in Milan: http://www.jugmilano.it

You can find code for 2.8.1 tagged on SVN at:
latest snapshot is at:

while unreleased and unfinished 3 version using Spring is at:
and another unreleased and unfinished version 4 based on OSGi (Apache Felix) is at:

Hope this helps.
Forwarding also to the veryquickwiki-develop mailing list, please subscribe to that one for any followups rather than using the support email so it's useful also for others.
Marcello Teodori

My name is Josef Preisler and we are using the wiki 2.8.1. On your homepage you have an announcement for version 3 in the future, but this announcement is very old.
So my question: do you still plan to release new versions or is it possible to get the source code from version 2.8.1?
Greetings Josef preisler

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