I did find the root cause for this issue and was able to solve it:

I did install the new VQWiki version into $INSTDIR/v2.8.1 and created a link from the old install directory $INSTDIR/v2.7.91 to $INSTDIR/v2.8.1 so that users don't have to change their bookmarks. This results in two different "recent changes" pages. One for users using the new URL (with v2.8.1 in the path) and one for users using the old (linked) URL.

I removed the link and forced my users to use the new URL. Now the "recent changes" pages shows all changes.


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Hi Frank,
this is really strange, on other wikis we have around we don't see this
Please check the content of the recent.xml within your vqwiki dir if you're
using file-based persistence, or the changelog table if you're on a database.

Il giorno 18/giu/2009, alle ore 11.01, Frank Warthog ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I've just upgraded my VQWiki from v.2.7.91 to v2.8.1 and I now see a strange
behavior of the RecentChanges page:
> It only contains the changes I personally did. All other changes done by other
users are not visible. This is true for each user. You only see your own
changes. This is weird, because it worked fine with v.2.7.91.
> Any idias?
> Thanks,
> Frank