Thank you Marcello,

That was exactly what I wanted! All I had to do was to add some users to tomcat-users.xml with this format (in case anyone else wants to know) :
<user username="lukas" password="password" roles="WikiUser"/>


On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 10:28 PM, Marcello Teodori <> wrote:
Hi Lukas, VQWiki 2.8 does not contain any specific feature for user logins besides the admin users.
Anyway if you dig into the web.xml content, you can find a commented configuration for the typical servlet container security using basic auth.
You should uncomment that and then, if you're on Tomcat, pair it with a login realm configuration:
I guess this is what you had on the old version, but it's a servlet container feature, nothing specific to vqwiki.


Il giorno 20/feb/09, alle ore 17:42, Lukas Wilczek ha scritto:


Does anyone know an easy way to make users do a login before enetering the wiki? Can this be done without an LDAP server etc (which I know nothing about...) ?

In an earlier project we used an older version of VQWiki and i think we let Tomcat do the autorization somehow. Usernames and passwords were written in a Tomcat config file i think. Is this still possible and if so, is there any documentation explining how to do this? I have been looking in the VQWiki book but couldn't fint it there or anywhere else for that matter.

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