Hi Arianna,
the only thing I can think of as an export of a wiki page as text is to append the read raw action to your wiki topic, for example like this
instead of:

There's no direct feature to export a page with tables to Excel or convert number formats, the wiki treats everything as text.
Here you can either copy the table from the browser and paste into excel then replace values manually as text then convert cells to numbers, or if you're a java developer, develop a plugin for vqwiki to export the page in your desired format.

You can find more details on the VQWiki web site: http://www.vqwiki.org/
Or you can file an enhancement on Jira with your request for a future release: http://issues.vqwiki.org

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Il giorno 03/gen/2012, alle ore 12:58, Gaetani,Arianna,MILANO,Stagista ha scritto:

we would like to have your support in order to understand how to convert the decimal separator, in a query output, with comma instead of point.
We have this problem because we need to export the output data in an excel file.
3872.82                                       3872,82
Is there any functionality to download the output data from wiki in text or excel file?
Thank you,