The VQWiki project team is pleased to announce yet another release of our software package. This time with a revamped book tagged along.
Some minor bugfixes and addition of some languages, including new, revamped documentation.
Changes in v2.7.7
    - Fixed bug in RSS feed where partial html codes in the description broke the feed
    - Fixed URL and i8n problem due to URL being encoded in UTF-8 and Tomcat trying to decode as ISO-8859-1
    - Fixed bug where a lock file is not deleted for topics with spaces (or other characters outside ASCII) in them
    - Added Norwegian translation
    - Added Polish translation
    - Added Swedish translation
    - Updated German translation
    - Updated Dutch translation
    - Added new documentation: the VQWiki Book, supplied in DocBook and HTML formats with the WAR file
      and downloadable as a PDF from the site. This new document replaces the old admin guide.
As always, for more information or to submit issues, questions, patches, etc. please visit us at
Martijn van der Kleijn
Project Lead for the VQWiki Open Source project