Design Document: Front End

Home Screen.
I think versify needs to take a look at the home screen and do it differently. Lets look at the model of the wordpress dashboard. All of your content tools right at your fingers.
All of your settings, Your stream of updates relative to you. A content publisher, Publish media in varied forms.
Replies to discussion. A list of users you've connected with who are not your friends at the moment. The Publisher.
Blog Entries
Your Stream

Friends, Managing them is kind of hard the way facebook sets this up. How about a gallery of friends that are editable.
this would be sorted Newest to oldest with alerts for new friend requests.

Chat, NO MORE POP UP WINDOWS. Lets handle this like we handle 'streams' and private messages. With the option to dock the chat in the footer? Let's have offline messages. So many times my conversations have been broken up because of connectivity issues.

Profiles, Very minimal, With minimal customization options. No images, no embeding, Remember myspace? Some profiles would crash your broswer, or take forever to load. Cutting out customization all together is fine. People seem to enjoy this feature though.
I am thinking something like magntize where you get a simple profile, you can tag things about yourself and write a summary.

These reflect a business or product. THere are other uses for pages but they are not relevant at this time.

Groups are obviously what they are. Groups get a profile, A Forum A Cloud? and a stream. Group Alerts go directly to each users stream. Groups get an Administrator and 2 Moderators.
If a group is Inactive for a period of time the admin can be disputed and taken over. Moderators get first dibs on this.

The Cloud

Should this be called the sky? And cloudlets changed to clouds?
The cloud is like an open forum with topics displayed on a single page despite their category. These are moderated by the user that created them. Unless the discussion is unfit then it can be flagged by other users.

Flagging content. What about a flagmod feature? users flag a piece of content and it's sent to the flagmod. other users can post why or why not this content should be deleted.

Peep'd: This is a simple overheard feature. It is a useful tool for finding new friends and content you want to discuss.

Alerts: These should be inline, Like the stream that sourceforge projects have. It should be posted right in your homescreen stream.

These should not be so static. Let there be some control. Set custom alerts and so forth. Ideally this is how you would set up your email alerts as well.

>Email Alerts
Users need complete control of this. Each email needs links to the tools for email alerts. And if a comment is posted to anything they created or are following, Show the comment and allow email replies if possible.

Speed Networking for a lack of a better name;
Like speed dating but for networking.
You get 10 minutes and 3 optional skips. Make a new friend.
This is the key feature for versify. You can choose settings for local only networking, and the type of users you want to network with, be it by gender or what have you. This would be initiated by clicking a random user button or searches or by sending requests?

Whatever the feature is, versify is meant to make the user find new friends.

Events should be updated within the stream, userx joined eventa
I think it's important to use a calendar view. It's familiar, It's easily found. And it can be used for other things, like birthdays and holidays. Reminders as well. Let's say you're using a versify built site. You have an important date but the only thing accessible is the versify platform, You could quickly jot down the date, Make it an event and invite people who need to know about it.

3rd party applications are a big thing. And are clearly causing issues. I suggest if we are to implement this sort of feature we must adopt a system like the itunes appstore, where things can be controlled a bit more by the versify operators.

This is a huge feature for any social networking OR web site.
There has to be some kind of income to support the fees generated in running a service. I think we should look at our tags. Users would use tags for many things. Why not call those tags and generate advertising relevant to them? I believe that advertising would be more relative and effective this way.

One question we should ask ourselves is: how can we change the way people share things, and deliver those things faster? as well as finding those things faster. An idea of this is: allow people to easily repost things to streams, discussions or cloudlets, in any way it can be shared. even tweeting it.

Posted by Dale Greer 2010-01-16

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