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VerbOS 1.8 released

Now with windows exe, verb packs and dictionaries can be installed as plugins

Posted by ric 2007-02-04

VerbOS 1.7 released

This release mainly just fixes a number of known issues with the testing and edit modes. Also added an option to shutdown and compact the database and tidied and updated the source release.

Posted by ric 2006-04-14

verbOS 1.6 released

Just added Portuguese support, over 4000 verbs.

Enjoy ;)

Posted by ric 2006-03-19

verbOS 1.5 released

Added support for French, and created a lighter version (VerbOS-lite) without liquidInf look and feel. Sorted out some database issues and minor bugs. Enjoy !

Posted by ric 2006-02-19

verbOS 1.4 released

VerbOS now uses the hsqldb database engine. There are now 10000 verbs and I've added an inflected verb search. Also the interface has changed and theres been a few bug fixes.

Posted by ric 2006-02-13

verbOS 1.3 released

Cleared up a bug which stopped the search window showing and also cleared up some display problems

Posted by ric 2006-01-04

1.2 release

Just released v1.2, finally got a comprehensive amount of verbs with the package (nearly 500) and included a couple of dictionaries.

Also rewrote the interface and i have a few other features on the way.


Posted by ric 2005-12-29

1.1 release

Got sidelined with some other projects and ive just managed to get back with a new release for verbos.

Number of bugs fixed
Increased the verb list to 100+ verbs
Changed the swing layout

1.1 is usable but is a stop gap version, the full 500+ verb list is not quite ready and i have a number of features still to add to the next version - installers, dictionary, translator, more verbs, all bugs fixed etc... read more

Posted by ric 2005-08-27

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