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VeNCrypt encryption merged into TigerVNC

The encryption features have been merge into the SVN of the active maintained Tigervnc project:

They will be become part of all upcoming tigervnc releases (after 1.0.1).

Posted by Martin Koegler 2010-12-08

VeNCrypt 0.2.6 released

VeNCrypt 0.2.6 released. No major changes, just the results of trying (and failing) to incorporate GnuTLS 1.6.0, so reverted to GnuTLS 1.4.4. Source for both is included in the tree, but only 1.4.4 is used in the build.

Posted by S. I. Becker 2006-12-11

VeNCrypt 0.2.5 released

VeNCrypt 0.2.5 has been released with the libgpg-error library updated from 1.3 to 1.4.

Posted by S. I. Becker 2006-09-20

VeNCrypt 0.2.4 released

VeNCrypt 0.2.4 is released with the following Changelog:

-stop option on viewer to stop all running listening viewers
Windows Installer! (naturally, source is available)
libgcrypt 1.2.3 included
gnutls 1.4.3 included. gnutls 1.4.4 promised soon, so watch out for that (hopefully in VeNCrypt 0.2.5)
Lots of "VNC" captions changed to "VeNCrypt"

Posted by S. I. Becker 2006-09-12

VeNCrypt 0.2.3 released

VeNCrypt 0.2.3 has been released with the following Change Log:

Fixed bug in java viewer where no security types are set.
Added communication from server to java viewer to specify types to use.
Updated GnuTLS from 1.4.0 to 1.4.2.
Updated Version Number to 0.2.3.


Posted by S. I. Becker 2006-09-07

VeNCrypt 0.2 released

VeNCrypt 0.2 is released, so download it now! Especially if you can port it to Unix!

Posted by S. I. Becker 2006-05-24