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I love the ability to right-click on a macro reference and
go to its definition. The problem is, I have my velocity
macros split into about two dozen file (all in the same
directory), so it would be really fantastic if Go to
Definition would search other .vm files in the same
directory, instead of giving up if it isn't defined in the
current file.


  • Torsten Juergeleit

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    The outline of a Velocity template (directives, variables and
    macro definitions) is determined within the active Veloedit
    editor by using Velocity's internal parser. So the active editor
    only knows about the structure of the edited Velocity template

    Maybe it's possible to point Velocity's internal parser to the
    other templates in the same directory and let the parser follow
    the #include directives in the currently edited template file.

    I have to dig deeper...

  • Torsten Juergeleit

    • milestone: --> v0.9.4
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tjuerge
    • summary: cross-file "Go to Definition" --> cross-file "Go to Definition"
  • Torsten Juergeleit

    • summary: cross-file "Go to Definition" --> cross-file "Go to Definition"
    • status: open --> closed
  • Torsten Juergeleit

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    partly implemented in v1.0.0:
    - text hover with name of template where
    the macro is
    - content assist propsals containing
    all macros which are
    part of the Velocimacro library (as defined in
    preference page)

    Currently I don't know to open a file
    which is not part of an Eclipse project (outside of the Eclipse

    So no F3 (Go to definition is supported now) :-(


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