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New release !

Long time, but finally, a new release- with better planetary shaders, some more systems, some more places to visit and, undoubtedly, some more bugs. Reporting them would be helpful...

Posted by Alex 2013-10-16

patch available !

Seems I have no luck at the moment to upload a 485 MB package - therefore I have released this patch. Just exchange the vegastrike.exe (in the bin folder) with the new one and everything 8except direct flight) should work...

Posted by Alex 2009-10-10

New release !

Unfortunately, the new bin somehow prevents emission patterns to work, so we have reverted to the old one until this issue is fixed. We have also added more trekinized communication files. The new release will be 0.5.3 and will be available tomorrow.

Posted by Alex 2009-10-09

Vegatrek 0.5.2 available

OK, upload worked, so here we are:
-new binary that should allow direct warp travel even between distant systems !
-some new ships added
-some fixers changed to trek races
-some artwork improved
Enjoy !

Posted by Alex 2009-06-19

Vegatrek 0.5.2 soon to come !

We have now managed to include direct system-to system flight and added two more races, the tholians and the breen. Only a few bugs remain to be eliminated until we will create a new release...

Posted by Alex 2009-06-15

New VegaTrek 0.5.0 release !

Finally, I managed to create a new windows release of VegaTrek, the free open source flight simulator that lets you trade, fight andexplore in the trek universe....
Changes to older versions include:
-switch to vegastrike0.5.0 engine
-added more systems to visit
-communication pics in trek style
-new federation and klingon cockpits
-rebalancing of weapons
-innumerable bugs eliminated
Visit our project homepage at
or the forum at read more

Posted by Alex 2009-03-23

documentation 0.1

So finally I found the time to compile an extremely short first draft of a vega trek documentation. It will be completed in the next weeks. For additional infos have a look at the privateer manual that still is included in the main package.

Posted by Alex 2008-03-31

patch 0.3.6 available

Somehow, it seems not to be possible (at least for me) to upload a large file to sf, therefore i have made a small patch with the most important changes. The game is still unstable and crashes sometimes when warping to a new system, but we are working on it. Photon torpedo ammunition can now be bought, and some minor changes have been made. I would welcome any feedback, preferably at our new forum at

Posted by Alex 2008-03-27

some notes/documentation

I am working at the moment to produce a short documentation for new users. For the moment, have a look at the vegastrike homepage ( and there ->forums and then -> vegatrek. The main vegastrike doku might also be found somewhere there...

Posted by Alex 2007-12-11


Finally we have managed to get something that can be considered as an early beta- at least the basic stuff is working !

Posted by Alex 2007-12-10

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