Turbo Beholder - 2013-07-24

Quick fix:

  • A variable in config that can set default for Prohibited Upgrades limit to 0, so anything that isn't allowed will be denied. Mods may leave it =1 and have their fun.
  • Then just put upgrades into proper categories, such as Reactors/Rlaan or Sensors/Confed, and you have it.
  • May as well make "Allowed_Upgrades" synonimous with "Prohibited_Upgrades" in units_csv parser, not a big deal.

Slightly more thoughtful fix:

  • The same, but assume default 0 on meeting "Allowed Upgrades" column.
  • Support in masterparts.csv so that one item may have several categories, then compatibility (Allowed_Upgrades) and economical (Cargo_Import) categories don't need to be the same (wiki has traces of 3 completely different bulk cargo items - Water, Water and Water).

Long-term solution: a proper slot system. [WIP] Modular Ships, etc.

Last edit: Turbo Beholder 2013-07-24