#38 Navigte/act in base interface using keyboard


I\'m using the development version from svn r13449.

I\'\'d like to be able to navigate and act insides bases using the keyboard rather than having to do everything with the mouse.

The most important aspect of this request is related to the various trade and mission selection screens; it should be possible to fold/unfold the categories and to select an item using the keyboard, for example (arrow keys would seem like a natural candidate):
left: fold category
Right: unfold category
down: select item below selected item in the list
up: select item above selected item in the list

On every screen, the Enter key should act as a left click.

When navigating between rooms, there should be a key which has the same effect that a right click currently has.

When inside a trade or mission selection screen, TAB and Shift+TAB could be used to select the various clickable items of the screen. Since most of these interfaces are tabbed (trage cargo tab, missions tab, save/load tab, news tab, ...), there could also be shortcuts, like say Ctrl+Arrow key, to activate the next or the previous tab as shown by the buttons on top of the screen.

As a last remark, it\'s possible that part of what I request here is already implemented, but I just haven\'t seen it because I play with many custom key bindings. If it\'s the case (I don\'t know what the status is on this question), that would be something to dicuss.


  • Pheonix Rising

    Pheonix Rising - 2012-11-30

    Moving to feature request tracker.

  • Pheonix Rising

    Pheonix Rising - 2012-11-30
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