#33 Several items and tips


Add button to delete the saved game files in the load section of save game play.
Add effect of space particles to generate effects of increased speed and reduced speed of the ships. Now seem that the ships were in the same place and will work with the same speed even if the ships go faster.
Add graphics of the interior of the ships and clean the screens of the HUD. Currently this highly charged and does not look good.
Also of the interior of the turrets of the ships.


  • Ian Lacey

    Ian Lacey - 2012-11-28

    Adding a delete button seems like it would make to save screen more complete. It would make it easier to organize and rename save files without keeping duplicates.

    I am against actual space particles because in reality they would be invisible and moving too randomly to indicate motion. Instead I would like to see visual indicators of acceleration on the HUD. For example consistent HUD lines that are like virtual particles which get longer with acceleration and move faster relative to ones target or reference point. Anything that looks like a particle out side the ship would only work for absolute velocity, HUD lines though would additionally work for relative velocity.

    3D cockpits are supported content just needs to be created. Walkable ships I believe in some form are almost supported. I'm not sure what had been said about turrets.

  • Turbo Beholder

    Turbo Beholder - 2013-08-02

    "Walkable ships" practically means "full integration of cockpit, nav screen and baseinterface" - you'd just use key binding to leave cockpit and a "door" to go back. Which is must-have for capships.
    For others, this would at least allow a detailed "ship setup panels" for stuff which doesn't need bindings as real-time controls (e.g. autopilot parameters or repair bot tasks) and game setup for things like music volume and "Load game"/New game" buttons.

  • Milan Uhrák

    Milan Uhrák - 2013-11-21

    I think actual cosmos background is ugly ..

    As simple is Frontier space, it is realistic. "Space dust" does movement effect, but in VS this can do also "ultraviolet-ing" stars light because relativistic and Doppler effects in front view and Infrared-ing in back view ... It is only my opinion

  • Milan Uhrák

    Milan Uhrák - 2013-11-21

    Also in HUD I'm missing some simple keyshortcut to "Locking" and "Unlocking" mouse pointer from ship controlling. This step make possible placing other control areas on hud.

    My problem as totally VS beginer is (two monitors - one VS, second VS wiki or other) when I'm leaving VS window ship becomes rotating or so .. yes, I know , Pause /break..

    also in cockpit pressig Esc to lookinkg on hotkey I expect game paused ...


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