#32 New Radars: Stage 4


Another big one, radar interference.
Suggested items
Asteroid belts would create multipath interference, even doppler scatter if it had fast-moving particles
nebulae would send out a lot of radio noise (lower SNR) (I'd imagine, I don't really know what they do in reality),
planetary rings are like asteroid fields, and since they are flat, they would also create ghosts and possibly diffraction
planets, especially big gas giants, would have strong magnetic fields that would result in a lot of EM noise (like Saturn in fact).
Big objects, like planets and stations, would occlude the signals.
ECM would create interference (lower SNR)
Big exploding ships would create interference (lower SNR)
EMP would create interference (a lot lower SNR)
Being inside SPEC would create interference (force the radio to work outside of its optimum spectrum, due to blue/red shift)
Systems inside nebulae (the big ones, not our ghostly "dust clouds"), would receive system-wide interference
Planet atmospheres would create doppler scatter and diffraction (lower positional precision)


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