VEditor 1.0.0

It's time for another release of the VEditor. Even though, the version is reved to 1.0.0, this is a routine release. It will however, make future test releases easier by not wasting an extra digit. If the Linux kernel can do it, so can we :). Thanks to Stijn and Silvio for their contributions.
Here’s the list of bug fixes:
* Multi-line tabbing problem (ID 2726346)
* VHDL parser hangs (BUG ID 2952670)
* when using autocompletion, files often get mixed line endings
* mismatch between the classes RecordElement and TypeDecl, making autocompletion of record members to malfunction
* Fixed VHDL parser errors (3034727, and 1835772)

New Features:
* Extended autocompletion to also include types, constants and function declarations in packages
* Extended the VHDL syntax to the 2002 standard using
* Now when the external builder has errors, and you save the file these errors disappear
because saving a file causes the file to be parsed internally (without errors) and removes all markers.
Adding a new marker type for problems/warnings of the external builder solves this issue.
* Default error parsers not stored in workspace anymore
* The VHDL parser now has time out options for large files.
* It is possible to skip parsing of VHDL parsing by including special comments (see the features page)
* Several internal improvements and code re-org
* VHDL auto test-bench creation now has its own customizable template (see the features page)

Posted by aghoras 2011-09-12

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