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Vector Visual Version 1.03

Several features have been added, but the program should still be considered as a demo. However several areas are now functional:

* It's possible to load examples/demos
* Describtions follow the examples (Select 'More Info' from the file menu.)
* The XML storage system is now functional.
* So far a 2D version, but W is able to draw several interesting Minkowski diagrams from the example files.
* Transformations between frames is working, and new frames can be added from the menus.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-27

Menu Demo

The planning phase has ended, and the structure of the program and it's functions are basically determined. For the Menu Demo, please download:

Be careful to save with the .jar extension, a .zip extension will not make the program file executable, as it should be.

Run with "java -jar w3dMenuDemo.jar"

** ONLY a demo, so far no real program **

But please have a look anyway...... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-08

End of planning phase!

The Menu Structures are ready, and the programming phase can begin.

Menu Structure:
(The 10 items on the menu-bar)

*<New Frame>
*<This Frame>
*<Save as>

**<Meter & Seconds>
**<Same / None>
**<Einsteins 'c'>
**<Plancks 'h'>
**<Boltzmanns 'kB'>
**<Particle Masses>
**<Minkowski Norm>
**<Euclidian Norm>
**<2D Select>
**<3D Select>... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-02

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